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Legal Regulation

The operator of the services is, sro., address: Švédská 1036-1019, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5, ID 02918030, registered with the Commercial Register, no. C225134 at the Municipal Court in Prague, registered on the 22nd April 2014.

The company WBTCB has a trade license allowing the provision of services in the field of "Brokering trade and services" contained in the chapter “Production, trade and services not specified in the Annexes 1 to 3 of the Trade Act”.

Please note that virtual currency is not legal currency in the Czech Republic. Virtual currency, or services that are related to it, are not regulated in the Czech Republic as payment services and do not fall under the regulation and supervision of the Czech National Bank.

We would like to draw attention to the fact that the trade of virtual currencies is highly speculative, especially with regard to the exchange rate volatility, which allows the client to obtain both high gains, or significant economic losses. The exchange between virtual currencies and the legal currencies may experience sharp fluctuations even during a single day. We recommend you to invest in virtual currencies carefully (be aware of your financial situation and ability to assess risk) and therefore to invest only a reasonable amount of your available funds.

Virtual currencies are autonomous and widely unregulated world system based on specific networks of companies and individuals. Those who buy or sell virtual currency express their confidence in digital, partially decentralized and anonymous system that depends on a P2P network and cryptography. Such confidence in virtual currency can be, however, shaken when an unexpected development of software appears, governmental actions are taken, or in case of hacker attacks and electronic thefts.

We strongly recommend to owners of Bitcoin to make precautions against possible hacker attacks.

WBTCB company wants to do business in the field of virtual currency transparently and in accordance with the requirements of state institutions (with regards to fight against terrorism, etc.).

For terms and conditions of individual services, see chapter services.


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